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The difference between billet wheel and casted wheel

The difference between billet wheel and casted wheel 


ZL7075T / ZL2618(Import bar)    C355


The advantages of the bar rough are as follows: it can eliminate the defects of loose casting state, optimize the microstructure, and the mechanical properties of the forging are generally better than the castings of the same material due to the preservation of complete metal streamline

It is a method of casting the liquid metal into a casting cavity suitable for the shape of the part, after it is cooled and solidified, the part or blank can be obtained.
The advantage of the blank is that it can produce the parts with complicated shape, especially the blank with complicated inner cavity. Wide adaptability, industrial commonly used metal materials can be cast, a few grams to several hundred tons. Raw materials from a wide range of low prices, such as scrap steel, scrap, chips and so on.
At the same time, the disadvantages are as follows: mechanical properties are not as good as forgings, such as thick tissue, more defects.


The billet impeller can be upgraded and optimized through the blade to increase the air intake, thus increasing the horsepower.However the casting impeller is fixed, can’t upgrade and optimize the blade.

Why more and more billet impeller than casted ?

1. No chips 
2. When the air filter core fails, the mechanical performance of the five-axis impeller is superior, and the impeller will not be damaged due to the small size of the impeller due to dust. (2) reduced engine horsepower.
3. In high-speed and high-temperature environment, the blade is not easy to deform and has a long service life.
4. Easy to modify, improve horsepower by changing the design blade.



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