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How to install turbocharger?

How to install turbocharger?

1\ Check the turbocharger before installation.

2\ Before installation, input the clean oil to lubricate it, and at the entrance of the oil drain and turn the “ shaft and wheel” by hand. Good engine oil is important, it must be 40CD at least.

3\ Make sure it’s fastened and sealed at the connection after installing the turbocharger on the engine, otherwise, it causes to howl and leaking oil.

4\ Keep idling around 5 minutes to make the turbocharger lubricated completely after start the engine. At the same time, keep idling 5 minutes before shut the engine to avoid oil coked and the bearing burned. Note: Don’t keep idling over 15minutes, it would cause leaking oil at the end of “ compressor wheel”.

5\ Forbid to operate the engine “accelerate, flameout, slide.” It would make the turbocharger run short of oil.




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