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Common problems by domestic suppliers

Common problems by domestic suppliers

1. Lack of degree of attention for after-sales service , more focus on production and sales, the degree of attention to after-sales service is not enough

2.The organization is not well structured and the distribution of management responsibilities is not clear. It is often the case that one person manages a lot of things, and when problems arise, the person responsible can not be found; sometimes the customer can not find the person at the core of the problem, etc. .

3.The relationship between manufacturers is not coordinated, the way to eliminate the

crisis is not appropriate, failed to establish close contact with customers, and the relationship with users stay in the business relationship.

4.Without a clear concept of organization, operation and service, and without the formulation of long-term goals and guidelines for enterprises, most manufacturers only focus on the immediate sales and profits, and will not use a long-term vision to set goals and guidelines for the development of enterprises, not according to the development of the enterprise itself to shape the culture of the enterprise.

5.High staff turnover rate, low quality and skills auto service industry has its own particularity, that is, the cultivation of a good employee can not be shaped in a short period of time, it’s the result of constant practice and experience in the timeline.                                          

6. the lack of clear instructions within the enterprise signs, goods placed in disorder, can not be correctly and quickly distribution.

7 Irregular maintenance of equipment, heavy equipment losses, the establishment of equipment management schedule often does not correspond to the actual situation; there is no testing equipment and tools, and no maintenance plan; do not fill in equipment maintenance records, the important equipment does not follow the standard procedure operation, causes the equipment damage, brings the unnecessary waste to the enterprise.

8.It is difficult to find the parts when they need to be used, and the mark of qualified parts is damaged in the process of management Warehouse often appears a large number of dead stock accessories unsalable accessories, affecting the normal, parts circulation link.



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