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Turbocharger - Gas flow route of the pressurization system

Gas flow route of the pressurization system

turbocharger Compressor inlet filter and silencer compressor impeller,compressor diffusor,air cooler scavenger box diesel engine, intake outlet exhaust pipe ,exhaust turbine nozzle ring, exhaust turbine impeller ,exhaust gas boiler chimney

Blockage occurs in any link of the above flow path, such as dirt and deformation of carbon formation, etc., which will decrease the compressor flow rate and increase the back pressure due to the increase of flow resistance, resulting in surge.

Among them, the dirty blocking parts are inlet filters, compressor impellers and diffusers, air coolers, cylinder intake and exhaust, turbine nozzle rings and impellers.In addition, the nozzle ring of the turbine is prone to thermal deformation.

Attention shall be paid to check the above parts for defilement and clean them during management.This prevents and eliminates the surge caused by the blocked flow passage.




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