• Fan turbo warranty system

Fan Auto warranty on turbocharger is given for a period of 12 months and covers mileage up to maximum of 12,ooo miles from the date of purchase. However, our warranty does not cover ANY LABOR that may be involved with your repair

  • Turbo warranty claim

Although sympathetic to every warranty claim, only exchange units which fail due to defective workmanship or parts are warrantable. Failures due to circumstances or conditions outside our control cannot be accepted under the FAN AUTO. If you wish to make a claim below claim options for you reference :

  • You may proof and date of purchase of FAN AUTO turbocharger first
  • Damage pictures and question description will be required before any claim can be made .
  • In normal ,  turbocharger not advised to be sent back because high delivery costs. After analysis of your damage pictures and description by our engineer ,a best solution will be sent .

An analysis of turbochargers indicated that approximately 40% of the failures are due to foreign material going through either the turbine or the compressor. An additional 40% are due to lubrication issues. The remaining 20% are of a miscellaneous nature. Some of the foreign material damage is the result of pieces of burned or broken valves, improperly installed gaskets, casting fins that may break out of the manifold, pieces of the air cleaner, and in small cases nuts or bolts that were dropped into the intake system. Undersized or plugged oil lines are the most common lubrication issue. It is essential to have an adequate supply of oil at full engine oil pressure.


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